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Be Inspired Now
Be Inspired Now

It is not a matter of chance, but it is a matter of preference. A methodical approach with dedication to achieving your dream target is the only thing required.

We tend to feel relaxed believing that what's happening to us is by chance or by fate. The meeting with the person we are destined to spend the rest of our days with the reception of a piece of advice that affects our career choice; and yet they control how our lives work and how happy—or unhappy—we are going to be.

A parallel query emerges, however about our activities and intentions. The scope for a meaningful opportunity is very remote if one wants to stay idle and dream of a happier future. Let's take the opportunity to throw the dice. If one is aiming for a specific number, say 6, with more attempts, the chances will be brighter. So our effort should be to increase the number of attempts, rather than being content with what we have in fact. Before the attempts, however, one must be completely committed for his target, or the emphasis would be automatically changed.
So there's no question about it, chance or possibility, but it all depends on our attitude and our actions. The strategy is more constructive, and the aim is more likely to be accomplished.
Without taking anything from you, one does not presume that life will offer anything great or beautiful; be it your time, your energy, often your comfort and happiness or something else.
If one wants to expect, expect the same from oneself, not from someone else or from life. Today, we are the product of what we've been thinking and doing in the past. And by the thoughts and actions we make today, by the choices we make, we are building our future.
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All Creators

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Creativity is breaking out of expected system in order to look at things in a different manner.

A distinguishing trait of modern humans is the capacity to think creatively. The pursuit of reward and the avoidance of punishment motivates ingenuity. Creative objectives begin with a vision, the notion of something that is greater than what is considered to exist. To achieve the desired purpose, innovation includes action that involves the creation of a strategy and its successful implementation. It takes time for artistic accomplishments to require a temperament that is capable of patience and perseverance. The evolution of language and large populations has encouraged human innovation, and it is the effect of a production on the culture that determines the success of the artist. The neural and psychological processes that underlie human creativity often form the substrates of our medical and social conditions that are most uniquely human. 

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